The Philadelphia CannaBusiness Association gave remarks to President Biden’s announcement that he’ll pardon people who have federal convictions for simple marijuana possession. In a statement to the Philadelphia Tribune last week, PCBA said:

PCBA acknowledges President Biden’s move to help those that have been wrongly harmed by the war on drugs, but we recognize the real work happens at the state level where people are still being arrested for marijuana. Only a small fraction of those impacted have been convicted at the federal level and no one is currently incarcerated only for simple possession. This effort only extends so far. However, President Biden’s call for governors to use their pardon powers is a step in the right direction, and we urge Governor Tom Wolf to utilize his power and leverage his political will to not only pardon people for all marijuana-related convictions but to take it a step further and automatically expunge records for all marijuana-related convictions. 

You can read the full article from the Philadelphia Tribune here: “Pro and anti-cannabis advocates voice opinion on presidential pardon