Our R.E.P.A.I.R campaign embodies our fight for social equity.


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Reparations – Recognition and undoing of unequal, discriminatory, and/or preferential practices and treatments through direct repayment of what Indigenous, Black and brown communities are owed.

Expungement – Automatic removal of all related cannabis conviction(s) from state or federal records.

Policy & Political Mobilization – Be the rule makers, and create, or change, the rules and framework of the cannabis industry adheres to, to ensure it’s equitable and accessible to impacted communities and individuals.

Abolition – Abolish all systems of suppression, oppression and modern-day enslavement.

Inclusion – Center those most impacted by drug prohibition and ensure they can participate in the cannabis industry and its ancillary markets.

Reinvestment – Prioritize investing money and tax revenue generated from the legal industry back into the communities most impacted by over policing and the criminal legal system leading to poverty, high rates of crime, homelessness, & divestment.

How We’ll Know We’re Realizing Our Dream…

When the rulemakers ensure adult use cannabis policies center reparations, equity and abolition within every fabric of the cannabis industry.